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Pinot Noir
Sauvignon Blanc
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Domaine Chavet

Menetou Salon had an aquaduct, that provided water to Bourges. Wine was made in Sancerre, Menetou was just known for the aquaduct and for the apples that they grew there. After the Middle Ages the rich from Bourges built their weekend houses in Menetou. And they wanted to grow their own wine nearby. This wine appeared to be of great quality, and was, a bit later, discovered by the world: this small apple-neighbour of Sancerre.
Name: the name Menetou Salon comes from Monastelum Sarlonis. Sarlon was a viking chief. In the nearby city of Bourges there is still a street that is called Rue Cour-Sarlon.

-Surface: 371 ha.
-Only red and white wines
-Only wines from special parcels in the communes Aubinges, Mentou-Salon, Morogues, Parassy, Pigny, Quantilly, Saint-Céols, Soulangis, Vignoux-sous-les-Aix, Humbligny.
-Grape varieties red and rosé wines:Pinot noir.
-Grape varieties white wines: Sauvignon blanc.
-Production max. 60 hl. per ha. for white wines.
-Production max. 55 hl. per ha. for red wines.
-Production max. 55 hl. per ha. for rosé wines.
-AOC : since 1959

Calcareous soil with marl and shells.
Limestone Marl

A semi-continental climate with a slight Atlantic influence. A relatively short, hot summer and a long, cold winter. Spring frosts can cause problems.
Atlantic ocean Hot summers Spring frosts